Voltage relay RNm-3-16

Three phase voltage relays are used for protection of three-phase consumers from harmful voltage fluctuations, continuity and phase unbalance, sticking and abuse of phase sequence.

Effectively used to protect the refrigeration, air-conditioning, compressors and other equipment having in its composition motors. Also used in applications where it is necessary to continuously monitor the availability, quality and phase character of the mains voltage.

RNm-3-16 will protect expensive equipment from failures in the network and save your time.

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Rated current, A Delay time, s Range of, v Voltage indication A,B,C Regulation
16 5-600



accident Umin

accident Umax

accident phase sequence

accident phase imbalance

voltage Umin

voltage Umax

delay time

phase imbalance

Passport voltage relay "RNm-3-16"



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