Microprocessor relays

Every year the number of electrical appliances increases. In this case the electrical network in Ukraine do not have time to improve. How can protect all the devices from damage that may be caused by unacceptable voltage fluctuations in a network?

Qualified specialists of "Promavtomatika Athens" will help you with this and give professional advice.

One of the company's products is the microprocessor relays. Voltage relay - designed to protect the load against harmful voltage fluctuations. Can be used as independent switching devices, and as a control other switching devices, such as magnetic starters. Temperature switch - designed to enable / disable the system for a given temperature, the thresholds of which are set manually.

With over ten years of experience in the market of "industrial automation Vinnitsa" has developed its own line of relay devices:

  • single-phase voltage relay РНм-1-40 и РНм-1-63
  • three-phase voltage relay РНм-3-16
  • voltage relay in the socket РНм-1-16р
  • thermoregulator РТм-16р

Given the shortcomings of existing devices on the market, and given the best quality instruments of this segment, our specialists have created a reliable protection of your equipment jumps and voltage deviations.


The peculiarity of our relay voltage is:

  • accurate measurement of the effective value of the voltage (true RMS);
  • fast load shedding in the event of rapid voltage changes;
  • prevent accidental activation;
  • overload protection;
  • switch housing is made of plastic, does not support combustion and maintains its properties over a wide temperature range and complies with fire and environmental standards;
  • heat-resistant terminals and intuitive interface.

Microprocessor control relay switch, you can buy directly from us in the winery at factory price. All prices are shown in the price of the relay.

To clarify the prices and availability of the product, please contact our managers by phone: ☎ (0432) 561-220 ✆ (067) 430-53-93.