Automation of techno processes

Modern production is inconceivable without modern automation systems. Industrial machines, conveyors and boilers equipped with automatic control devices that allow you to optimize the characteristics of the production processes, as well as to raise their efficiency.

Our experts carry out the entire spectrum of work on automation from design to installation and commissioning of systems.

Automation of techno processesWe have experience in building automatic control systems:

  • presses;
  • packaging equipment;
  • windmills;
  • meat processing lines;
  • automated control systems boiler equipment;
  • engineering systems of buildings and structures;
  • Water treatment systems.

In our work we always work with the customer to provide the most effective solutions both in cost and in terms of reliability and capacity.

Through continuous training of our specialists company "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" uses the most modern approaches to the management process, as well as to the functionality of the equipment used in automation systems.

Cooperation with the service department equipment manufacturers enables the most accurate and efficient to establish high-tech devices. In our projects we use the equipment as a world leader in the field of automation: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Eaton (Moeller), and domestic manufacturers of equipment, which is the best in terms of price and quality for our region - OVEN, Tera, and other Microl companies.