Service companies

We understand that in your life there are more important things than replacing blown bulbs or sockets, the problems with the wiring, lighting, etc.

That is why, especially for small and medium businesses, "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" provides professional electrician.

Electricians "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" provide full service grids in shops, offices, hairdressers and beauty salons, cafes and restaurants:

Service companies
  • replacing old outlets;
  • replacement of artificial light sources (bulbs);
  • assembly, disassembly and repair of fixtures;
  • replacement of circuit breakers and fuses;
  • replacement of electric meters and verification;
  • installation and configuration of the voltage relay;
  • assembling new wiring;
  • install uninterruptible power supply units;
  • repair switchboard (lift contacts replacement of insulators, fuses, wires);
  • measurements of load and stress redistribution between phases;
  • installation and commissioning, recommendations on the use of electrical equipment.


Our advantages:

Service companies
  • high-class specialists with extensive experience;
  • Any work with electricity from replacing light bulbs to replace the wiring in general;
  • speed and high quality of work;
  • counseling professionals;
  • availability of the necessary materials;
  • warranty and service;
  • clear system of calculation.

We do not offer just buy our service, we offer to share the problem, though not an emergency nature, and for our part we will do our best to solve it. If you have no need for such services, you still will be happy to help at least consultation, or advice.


Do you still think independently replace the outlet, switch or lamp? Now all you need to do to solve the problems with electricity - it dials 56-06-06 and invite our expert.


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