The company "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" is involved in many projects, here are some of them:

- the installation of energy-saving lamps "Kolos" in neighborhood committees "Tyazhilov", which now cover the six streets (Moon, Friendly, Philip Orlik, some shingles, Cherry and Cherry lane). For the manufacture of LED street lamps, accessories used only manufacturers leaders in this field, such as Mean Well, Cree - USA, Zaporozhye aluminum plant, Precious Metals Plant. In the development of our products was considered a huge experience of famous European and domestic manufacturers.

- the establishment of LED lights in the district committee of the quarterly "skirts»

- by request of "PlazmaTek" qualified company "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" was developed and implemented test stand for testing weldability electrodes. The stand consists of separate modules, which measure the electrical parameters of the process and transmit data to a PC via Modbus mode RTU (Remote Terminal Unit).

- commissioned by the network of filling stations OKKO (PAO "Galnaftogaz") qualified experts "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" was developed and implemented an electronic scoreboard on stelae network OKKO stations. Namely, the design and development of printed circuit boards, manufacturing of electrical control boards, making a front design boards, implementation and installation of the stele. LED display steles have low energy prices: Display prices: to 80W at night and 300W in sunny weather. Highlighting grades of gasoline: to 150W (at night). LEDs that we use are made of a material - GaAlAs (gallium arsenide, aluminum). Thanks to GaAlAs, for display and illumination for preferred stability and durability in operation. Operating life of LEDs around 100 000 hours. The brightness of the LED panel is automatically adjusted depending on the time of day and weather conditions, is easy to read. Highlighting brands of gasoline is automatically activated with decreasing light and is regulated in a wide range. Through the use of LEDs with wide-angle scattering (120 °) board is easy to read from different angles.