Our partners


Supplier of electrical equipment with high quality features and ease of use at an affordable price.


The company is a global technology leader in electrical products, systems and services for power quality, distribution and control, the transmission of electricity; lighting and switching devices ...


specializes in manufacturing a wide range of telecommunication cables in the same number and LAN-cables.


Gamma production which produces VİKO includes electrical switches and sockets, tees, fuses, accessories, Circuit Breakers Low Voltage, "smart" meters and automated systems for buildings.


OVEN - designer and manufacturer of instrumentation, microprocessor devices, sensors, power supplies, temperature controllers, controllers ...


LLC "Zaporozhye factory of non-ferrous metals," one of the most modern industrial enterprises in Ukraine. Produces the highest quality products.


Manufacturer of low-voltage devices and metal for mounting a variety of electrical products.


JSC "Termofit" developer and manufacturer of a wide range of heat shrinkable products, which are based on cable boxes.


PAT "Skloprilad" produces instrumentation of high quality.


ABB designs and manufactures a product that is at the level of international standards, is one of the largest engineering and electrical companies. Produces a wide range of equipment and systems.


Leading brand in the field of low-voltage and high-voltage devices. KEAZ is among the best-known brands with a wide range of products used in the design of critical public facilities, as well as in typical massive projects.


«ECOHOME» - the current generation of switching equipment used for the control and protection of electrical circuits at home or office.


Hager - a specialist in the field of electrical installations for residential and commercial properties. For decades, the company offers a variety of system offers that are of the highest quality and innovative products.


Company ELKO EP traditional yet innovative modular Czech manufacturer of electronic devices and systems automation.


Company "Kvarc" is a leader in providing services for the automation of accounting and management. To date, the company automates enterprise trade and services, agriculture, utilities, sugar and fodder plants, organization of retail and wholesale trade.


The leading supplier of enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT-infrastructure as well as software and services.


KLEMSAN ELECTRIC ELECTRONICS INC was founded in 1974. KLEMSAN is the first and only manufacturer in Turkey terminal block, electrical and electronic components, terminals and accessories. KLEMSAN offers an extensive range of products.


Environmental energy-efficient appliances. Today, the Green Power Eurelectric Ukraine is the official representative brands EUROLAMP ™ (energy saving light sources).


Horoz Electric - known brand producing lighting equipment. Sector electrical appliances and lighting.


Manufacturer of lighting equipment.


Diversified technology company whose work is to improve the lives of people and introducing important innovations in health care, consumer products and lighting.


Manufacturer of a wide range of electrical equipment - household and industrial systems, voltage regulation and uninterruptible power supplies, components for personal computers, speakers.


Manufacturer of lamps and accessories.


Manufacturer lamps, decorative lights, chandeliers, lamps, ballasts, motion sensors, detectors.


Schneider Electric, is a world expert in the field of energy management and a leading provider of integrated energy-efficient solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial, civil and residential construction, as well as data centers.


One of the leading manufacturers of cable support systems and switch equipment. Manufacturer of cable channels, plastic pipes, metal trays and switch equipment.


KOPOS Electro UA subsidiary in Ukraine, the Czech plant KOPOS KOLIN as- manufacturer of electrical products from plastic and metal. Range of products - over 7000 items that meet international quality requirements and international standards.


Manufacturer lamps, lighting equipment, lamps, ballasts, lighting devices and electric accessories.


Manufacturer of products for the electrical industry, extruded plastic parts, a set of mounting parts, belongs to electrical and automotive industries.