The company "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" invites you to the presentation of know-how, which has no analogues in Ukraine and abroad - LED fitting improve safety of pedestrian crossings installed on Prospect Youth, 22.

Unfortunately, statistics show that every year the number of deaths on the roads far exceeds the number killed in the war, especially pedestrian crossings, so the development and installation of these systems is essential.

According to the director of "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" last year, m. Vinnytsya became one of three leaders of the most comfortable places to live in Ukraine. We pyshayemsya that the company "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" made a contribution to achieve such a high result. Specialists of our company made LED objects in Kyiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy, Mogilev-Podolsky, etc. Also carried highlighting strategic objects in Vinnitsa, namely lighting new neighborhood "Academic" Cosmonauts Avenue, Khmelnytsky Highway Street Keletskaya, Pirogov, Primakov, Vinnytsia arches and ceiling near the entrance to Central Park and all of our city playgrounds .

The company "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" has an active social position and leading socially responsible business. LED boosting pedestrian safety - another evidence of compliance with this principle. His designs we care about the safety of road users and try to make our city more comfortable for life ", - the head of the company.

"Safe transition" from "Promavtomatika" Avenue Youth - a first sign (pilot project). It is expected that such facilities will be installed on other unregulated crossings that will save many lives.