Now a chain of stores electricity "RES" has 11 stores and does not stop the expansion, after October 24, 2015 grand opening of the 12 planned store electricity "RES" in Ladyzhin at st. P.Kravchika 17 a.

      For Ladyzhin chan will be the first supermarket of electronics in the city, which will consist of everything you need for electricity in one place, from light bulbs to most needs, as the general consumer and electricians, electrical installation companies, utilities and municipal institutions.

      First of all, the store is characterized by its activities and the possibility of ordering and quick delivery of the goods under the order. Also, a distinctive feature is the work of both cash and non-cash.

      We invite all residents Ladyzhin at the grand opening of the store electricity "RES" October 24, 2015 at 8:00.