During 15-19 June 2015 in the winery under the Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine is carried out various activities with the aim to draw attention to the issues of energy efficiency and conservation.

      The purpose of this event is to introduce and attract citizens of the city to use in the home and at work and energozberezhlivih energy efficient devices to preserve the environment and save money.

      LLC "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa" is not left out of this issue and are willing now to take part in the exhibition project "Energozberezhennya", which was held June 15 and 16 on the European Square.

      To view all the residents and visitors of the exhibition "Promavtomatika" presented products of own production, namely, Relay voltage and temperature, as well as energy-efficient LED lighting.

      "Promavtomatika" should be in the direction of supporting and improving the energy efficiency and conservation methods of savings funds inhabitants of our country, which is why, in his own production, we use only high-quality materials and producing energy-saving electrical equipment.