Our lamps, namely a series of LED street lamps "Kolos" under the "establishment of energy-saving lamps in the neighborhood committees" Tyazhilov "" light six streets (Moon, friendly, Philip Orlik part of the shingles, and Cherry Lane Cherry).

This is the second phase of this program, which attracted our products.

Recall, for the manufacture of LED street lamps series "Kolos", "Triton", "Khvylya" and "Dzvina" we use only components manufacturers leaders in this field, such as Cree (USA), Mean Well (China), Precious Metals Plant (Ukraine). In the development of our products was considered a huge experience of famous European and domestic manufacturers.

The whole cycle of fixtures is done on their own industrial capacity that allows to make lamps for individual clients, and leaves enormous scope for creativity of our design engineers. It also makes it possible to provide a full 5 years warranty on our products, followed by post-warranty service.
Lamps are made in a sealed housing with a high degree of weather protection. Case Material lamp made of anodized aluminum. The life of the Cree LED arrays of up to 50 000 hours, which is many times greater than the lifetime of alternative light sources. Angle scattering light can be 120˚ / 120˚abo 120˚ / 60˚, depending on the specification.


According future plan to install LED lighting in the neighborhood of the quarterly committee "skirts" of the Old Town. Now developed project documentation.


Photos taken from the site Vinnitsa City Council