Production LLC "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa"

In choosing a relay can not rely on random selection, because it determines the safety of all electrical devices of your home. Engineers and technicians LLC "Promavtomatika" for its more than ten years of experience have learned all the weaknesses relays, which are represented in our market, prompting the release own creation - microprocessor relay "RNm-1-63".

реле напруги РНм-1-63 Промавтоматика

Benefits voltage relay RNm-1-63 on similar devices:

  • - Increased accuracy of measurement of the input voltage;
  • - High speed load shedding when a sudden change in voltage in an electrical network;
  • - The possibility of failure in the voltage range settings;
  • - User-friendly interface settings, easy installation;
  • - Overload protection;
  • - The relay case is made of plastic that does not support combustion and retains its properties over a wide temperature range and complies with fire and environmental standards;
  • - In voltage relays are used, heat-resistant terminal of the high-tech material;

Warranty - 5 years!



Buy RNm-voltage relays 1-63, you can by calling our office and saying only one sentence: "I want to buy a voltage relay RNm-1-63". Our managers are always ready to help in the selection and ordering relay RNm-1-63, as well as related products.


Recall that the voltage relays are:

Single-phase - intended to protect single-phase load against harmful voltage fluctuations. Have a wide range of adjustments, including regulatory delay to protect refrigeration, compressor and air-conditioning equipment. Can be used as standalone switching devices, as well as the management of other switching devices, such as magnetic starters.

Three-phase - used to protect three-phase consumers from harmful voltage fluctuations, continuity and phase unbalance, sticking and wrong phase sequence. Effectively used to protect refrigeration, air-conditioning, compressors and other equipment having in its composition motors. Are also used in applications where it is necessary to continuously monitor the availability, quality and phase character of the mains voltage.