Voltage relay RNm-1-63


Main features RNm-1-63:


Unit of





 Rated voltage  V  220
 Network frequency  Hz  48-52
 Lower Bound  V  130-210
 The upper boundary off  V 230-270 
 Hysteresis return voltage  V
 The maximum measurement error  % ±2,5 
 Time off the device when the voltage drops to a value greater than 30V from the charter. or less 130V  s  0,02
 Time off when the voltage above 30V from tired. or above 270V  s  0,02 
 Time off when the voltage drops to a value less than 30V from SET.  s  10
 Time off when the voltage increases by less than 30V from SET.  s  1
 Delay time automatically (by default)  s  60
 Time delay automatic switch (adjustable)  s  5-99
 The maximum load current  A  63 80
 Rated load current  А  40 63
 Nominal load power  kW    8 12
 Degree of protection relays  ІР  20
 Minimum cross-section of the wires off  mm2  2,5
 Maximum wire connection  mm2  2.5
 Weight not more  kg  0,2

Passport voltage relay "RNm-1-63"

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