Repair of machinery

Warranty and serviceThe company provides repair services for electrical, electrical and electronic equipment. At the disposal of our professionals have the necessary tools to diagnose and identify the causes of electronics failure. At the moment, the company organized the work authorized service center Luxeon.

We perform repairs of power electronic converters - voltage inverters, inverters, welders etc .. The company we work with equipment for industrial automation - controllers, sensors, signal converters. Accordingly, we perform a primary diagnosis of this class of devices, and according to the customer and our possibilities of repair.

We can arrange delivery of your equipment to us, or check out our specialist will arrange for you. In any case, we will solve your problem and offer the best options.

destinationKhmelnitske sh., 145
   Vinnitsa, Ukraine
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Mon-Fri: 8:00 to 19:00
(0432) 561-220
✆ (067) 433-43-33

Промавтоматика Вінниця

Автоматизація виробництва, продаж електротехнічної групи товарів, виробництво електрощитового обладнання, монтаж систем електропостачання та автоматики.

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