In accompaniment to market a new voltage relays, October 25, 2013 in entertainment center "Amagama" the presentation of voltage relay RNM-1-40 and 1-63 of the UMP-enterprise "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa."

The presentation discussed common problems voltage relay, which is in the market of Ukraine. Explain the features of the relay voltage production "Promavtomatika Vinnitsa", namely:

  • - rugged terminals with a maximum wire cross-section of 25 square meters. mm;
  • - flame-retardant housing ABS plastic;
  • - only two regulator controls;
  • - user-friendly interface;
  • - easy set-up and programming of automatic
  • - reclosing;
  • - dual power supply;
  • - system "Logic Control".

Each of the participants had the opportunity to evaluate the quality of work due to the presence at the presentation of the shield-stand, which was established voltage relay RNm-1-63.

By the end of the official part of the presentation grew into an interesting discussion, which concerned the more technical side of the product, after which the audience was expecting a buffet table and bowling game.

We express our gratitude to all those who attended the event!

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Промавтоматика Вінниця

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